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The QuitCoach is an effective, online program to help you quit smoking.

Access the QuitCoach here.

QuitCoach works something like a Quitline counsellor but it starts by asking you questions, and uses your answers to provide personalised advice. Each time it asks different questions which are relevant to your current situation. It then provides new advice based on your answers, and comments on changes you have made over time. Research shows that QuitCoach increases your chance of success.

You can print out the advice and keep it with you.

When you’re planning, QuitCoach is particularly helpful with choosing a quitting aide such as a nicotine replacement product or a quitting medication.

Remember, the most effective way to quit smoking is:

Coaching (e.g. QuitCoach) + Nicotine Replacement Product or Quitting Medication 

Free APPS (Help at your fingertips)

There are a few APPS available for you to download onto your smartphone that can help support you in your quit attempt. They help take your mind off cravings with fun exercises and games to keep your hands busy and distract you when you feel the urge to light up, with practical quit tips and advice.

Download the My QuitBuddy or Quit for you Quit for two for free from the Apple iTunes online Store, Google Play Store or the Windows Phone Store.

There has never been a better time to quit smoking, so join the 230,000 Australians that have already downloaded the National Tobacco Campaign's award winning My QuitBuddy free smartphone app and get the support you need right now - 24/7!