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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Quitting smoking when you’re pregnant will make you feel better and give your baby a better start in life. The day you quit smoking your body will start to recover. Quitting at any time during your pregnancy reduces the risk of harm to your baby.

You may be feeling a lot of pressure to quit.  The decision is yours but don’t forget there’s a lot of support out there to help you if you want to quit.

Quitline has specially trained counsellors to help you during your pregnancy, whether you’re ready to quit or if you're still thinking about it.  Quitline can support you right through your pregnancy and in the first weeks after the birth of your baby. Your midwife and GP can also offer information and support. You can ask them for a referral to the Quitline.  

The day you quit smoking your body will start to recover; you will feel better.

Quit Tips:

  • Get support from your doctor, midwife or the Quitline
  • Exercise will help your body adjust to being without cigarettes
  • Encourage your partner or other people in your household to quit too
  • Remember the 4 D's:
    • Delay for a few minutes and the urge will pass
    • Deep breathe
    • Drink water
    • Do something else
  • Download the  Quit for You Quit for Two app which includes fun exercises and games to keep you busy
  • Explore the Quit Tasmania website; it has lots of tips and good advice on quitting smoking

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