Maree's story

Maree’s story

Maree's story 1

I feel good about it – you’re stronger than you think you are

Maree is 58 and had been a smoker for 40 years before she quit 9 weeks ago.

Maree never felt great about smoking and had wanted to quit many times. With a granddaughter on the way, she couldn’t bear the thought of a baby smelling the smoke and nicotine and decided this was the time.

She timed quitting with a trip away to remove herself from normal routines.

Maree has found so many good things about no longer being a smoker. She didn’t realise how many things were caused by smoking!

She can smell so much better now and can’t believe how bad smokers smell, never realised that she must have smelt too.
Her headaches have gone and her teeth are less sensitive

“I feel good about it – you’re stronger than what you think you are. I feel better about myself when I do beat the cravings and wake up so happy I did. I don’t want to feel regret the next day. “

“Got to keep trying, might not get it the first try.”

“Wendy, my counsellor, I couldn’t have done it without her. She always said you’ll get cravings but it will only last 15-20 minutes. So I get busy with something else and your mind slips onto something else.”

“Quitline counsellors are great, especially if you don’t have any other support. There is somebody there who wants you to quit and to just get a ‘well done’ is so great.”

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