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My Nicotine Addiction - Roger’s Story*

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This is a story of many emotions, from the depth of despair, to the overwhelming sense of complete happiness and freedom you only get when the nicotine addiction is finally conquered.

I started smoking at 14 years of age, the reasons long forgotten, unfiltered cigarettes in packets of 5 were my first, made for and targeted at people to start smoking.

At that time smoking was used in advertising for people to enjoy cigarettes after a meal.

How many people were influenced by the Marlboro man over the years, this is how I began a lifetime of addiction.

I finally quit at 67 years of age, I sat down and finally calculated how much I had spent, I checked and double checked, looked at the packet costs over the years. The figure I came up with I could not believe - $185,600.00 in 53 years. This is what smoking cost me, (What will it cost you)

I am going to tell you like it is, I am NOT going to Sugar-coat it or tell you how easy it will be because IT IS NOT. Giving up cigarettes & tobacco will be the hardest thing you will do in your life. If you have been smoking for some time you will be ADDICTED, and with that addiction comes changes in how you think, and what you do, because of the chemicals you are also being addicted to.

I have heard all the excuses about quitting, believe me I have given them ALL myself over the years.

  • I have will power I can quit at any time (Yeah right)
  • I will cut down and slowly stop (Rubbish)
  • It's not that expensive - I will buy cheap cigarettes (I will just buy them more often)
  • My health has not changed at all (I have a cold that's why I cough so much, you're kidding)
  • I will hide my smoking from my friends. (So they’ll think I have stopped smoking) 

Just ask yourself do you avoid watching the stop smoking ads on TV, do you change channels to avoid thinking about it.

The bottom line is will never ever quit unless you WANT TO. Smoking is an addictive idea with nicotine poisoning included for FREE. Waking up in the morning looking forward to the first cigarette with a coffee, how do you fight that???

I fought it by getting angry - very, very angry, of how I did this to myself and how I could stop it.

You have to pick a day when you are finally going to quit for good. You have to be so determined you WILL WIN, nothing else matters. You have to get through the first day and night, that's the hardest, the next day the withdrawal symptoms will start, you MUST NOT, I repeat NOT fight it, welcome it. Welcome the pain, enjoy it, because it means for the first time you can tell your brain this time I am going to WIN. Make NO MISTAKE this pain could last a few weeks before it starts to subside, (Depending on the length of your addiction) you have to fight this with everything you have. After that, when you get cravings, deep breathing will stop it. "You are finally on your way"

These are the tests:.

  • Can you look at smokers now and feel pity or sorrow for them?
  • Can you smell a smoke from a distance?
  • Do you want to go up to your friends that smoke and tell them to quit.?
  • Can you walk by a cigarette counter with your head held high every time you go shopping?
  • Can you start thinking about how much money I am saving.

If you can do these things you are at last beginning to be free of the nicotine addiction, and your whole life is about to change for the better. If you think about relapsing or starting to smoke again, saying just one will not hurt now I have quit, you are doomed to fail. This is where you have to dig really deep inside and say not only to yourself but also out loud "I have quit smoking". Do this and I promise you will win, you will never regret it, for the rest of your life, which is now a lot longer that it used to be.

*Results may vary from person to person.