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Smoke-Free Pregnancy

The Quitline offers specialist advice to pregnant women and their partners on stopping smoking. Clients can speak with a counsellor who has been specially trained in quitting smoking during pregnancy. This is a free service for clients who are referred by their health professional. Clients can also access the free Quitline service by calling 13 QUIT (13 7848).

Referrals are faxed to Quit Tasmania giving permission for a trained counsellor to call the client at a time convenient to them. A call-back service is also available for those clients wanting additional support and advice during their quitting journey. These can be scheduled with the client during the first call.

Partners are also able to be access the Quitline for support and advice with quitting. Pregnant women are more likely to quit successfully if they have a partner who also quits or is a non-smoker.

When fax referring clients, please ensure that the client has signed the fax referral form giving Quitline permission to initiate the first call.

Quitline (TAS) Fax Referral Form (53.13 KB)

Benefits of a Smoke-Free Pregnancy

Smoking is known to have an effect on the baby before it is born. All of the chemicals in cigarettes pass through the placenta to the baby. Of particular effect to the baby is nicotine and carbon monoxide, two of the largest components of cigarette smoke. These chemicals reduce the amount of blood flow the baby receives.

A baby exposed to tobacco smoke in-utero and through passive smoking as an infant is more likely to develop type II diabetes mellitus, heart disease, kidney disease and be obese as adults. This risk is increased even if they are non-smokers throughout their lives.

The good news is that by stopping smoking mother and baby benefit straight away.

Quitting smoking at any stage of the pregnancy or postpartum period is ideal for reducing the risk of harmful health outcomes for mothers, babies and their families.

  • Reduced chance of bleeding during the pregnancy.
  • Reduced chance of delivering prematurely.
  • Greater chance that the baby will be born a healthy weight.
  • Infant less likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Resources & Information Sheets

Quit Tasmania has a number of resources available, discussing smoking during pregnancy, the quitting process and support material.

Online information: Click here.

Online QuitCoach and free Apps: Click here.

"Quit for you, Quit for two" smoking & pregnancy resources: Click here.