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Street talk

Better health and has saved a small fortune too

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Stories 2

Come and play with me!

His son used to ask him to hurry up and finish his smoke so he can come and play with him.

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Stories 3

*Dave started smoking at age 10

I felt a failure because I was not able to quit until I contacted the Quitline.

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Stories 4

Relay for Life stories's what some people told our roving mobile sign

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Stories 5

Katrina via Facebook

They really do help, you don't realise how much...

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Wayne Walter

Wayne Walter’s story

Quit smoking as it will affect your future.

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Stories 6

Matthew ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan’s story

If I can do it, anybody can.

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Stories 7

Maree’s story

I feel good about it – you’re stronger than you think you are

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Stories 8

Christine’s story

Gotta be ready. I said “yep, let’s do it”

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Stories 9

Lauren’s story

If doing it for yourself isn’t enough, do it for the ones that love us, the ones that rely on us

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