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How Quitline can help

Quitline Tasmania is a friendly, welcoming and confidential service which will support you at any stage of quitting. We listen to you and then help with tips and strategies.  

Our team are qualified counsellors, specialising in helping people to stop smoking. They will support you, even if you are not quite ready to quit but just thinking about it.

Research shows that getting quitting support using a behavioural counselling service such as Quitline (13 7848), combined with quit smoking medications such as nicotine replacement therapy, is the most effective way for a nicotine-dependent smoker to quit.

Quitline can give you individualised steps to help you quit. We know that something that works for one person, may not work for another.

Quitline Tasmania also has an Aboriginal Quitline Counsellor on the team and you can request to speak to them.

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Experienced counsellors provide free support and advice at any stage of the quitting journey.

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