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‘Sticky Blood’

This campaign aims to raise awareness of the link between smoking and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) disease. Tobacco smoking causes blood to become ‘stickier’, which can lead the risk of clot formation, and in turn lead to an acute stroke. Even smoking one cigarette a day can increase this happening. This campaign is being aired around Tasmania on free-to-air television, YouTube and Facebook until October 30.

Please view the Fact Sheet here. Media enquiries please email or call 6169 1900

Our Tasmanian campaign…

Tasmanian smokers let us know what they think

Quit Tasmania has created a wholly Tasmanian campaign based on statewide research with Tasmanians who smoke.

It encourages people who smoke to think about the reasons why they smoke – nicotine addiction, habit and/or emotion/stress. A better understanding of why they smoke means they can be better prepared to make a quit attempt.

We have display material based on the ‘think’ campaign. Stickers to display in areas where people who smoke gather, posters and more are available free via our order form.

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