Questions people ask about Quitline Tasmania

Will they make me feel bad about smoking?
Not at all. Our qualified counsellors are friendly and helpful and there to encourage and support you, not to judge you. They can give you good advice on quitting and share lots of useful tips. Many are ex-smokers and struggled to quit themselves.
What if I’m not sure I’m ready to quit the day I call?
You don’t have to be ready to quit today to benefit from a call to Quitline. A Quitline counsellor can help you explore concerns about quitting and help identify solutions that work for you. Our counsellors have helped many smokers successfully quit and they can help you too. Quitline can provide support at any stage of your quitting journey, be it just thinking about quitting, recently relapsed or if ready to quit right away.
What if I use other kinds of tobacco products?
Quitline counsellors can help you if you are using other tobacco products, in addition to cigarettes.
What if I don’t smoke but I want to help a friend or family member who does?
It can be challenging to know how best to help a friend or relative who smokes to quit. Maybe they don’t want to quit, but their smoking is affecting you. Maybe they smoke inside and it bothers you or you are worried about their health. They may want to quit, and you want to support them but you don’t know how. Quitline counsellors can help you come up with a plan that will help you to support them to make a quit attempt.
How do I know using Quitline will help?
Quitline counselling can more than double a smoker’s chances of quitting. Studies show that people who call a Quitline are more likely to quit and stay quit. Combining behavioural counselling and quit smoking medications triples success rates.
What if I don’t like to talk on the phone?
There are other ways to quit. Quitline can tell you about quit smoking aids such as apps and texting programs. Find out more about these on
Will they ask me for personal information?
To provide you with the best support, we need to get a few details from you at your first call. This includes your contact details for follow-up counselling, your gender and year of birth. If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, Quitline has an Aboriginal Quitline counsellor whom you can choose to speak to. To help us to help you, we will ask how long you’ve smoked for and how many you smoke a day as well as your past attempts at quitting – what worked and what didn’t. All information you provide will be kept confidential.
Will it cost anything?
No. Quitline services are free.

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