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Here are some tips if you've got a craving right now. To find out more about how to manage cravings, explore the different sections of Staying Quit.


Remember the 4D's: Delay, Deep breathe, Drink water, Do something else ...

  • Do something else instead of smoking: read a magazine, listen to a favourite piece of music, go for a ten-minute walk, call a friend, take a bath, watch a funny video.
  • Put something in your mouth instead of a cigarette e.g. chew gum, sip water, or eat healthy nibbles such as apples, pumpkin seeds and carrot sticks.
  • If you miss doing something with your hands, try doodling or squeezing a stress ball, fiddling with worry beads.
  • Tell yourself ‘I can deal with this craving’, and remind yourself of your reasons for quitting.
  • Brush your teeth more frequently to get used to the feeling of a clean mouth.
  • Make changes to your daily routine - see Managing Routines.

Postive Thinking

  • Tell yourself "I can deal with this craving", and "Every cigarette I don't smoke is doing me good".
  • Keep a list of your most important reasons to quit - keep it with you to refer to.
  • Take control: "I'm happy and feel great because I'm choosing to look after my body".
  • Focus on the benefits of quitting - health, saving money or your family .
  • Try to see yourself as a non-smoker. Imagine yourself without a cigarette.