Build your support team

You don’t need to do it alone.

Call the Quitline, talk to your doctor or pharmacist and tell your mates. A family member or mate who doesn’t smoke would be an ideal person to help you stay on track.


The most effective way to quit is to combine pharmacotherapy – NRT and quitting medication – with behavioural support. That’s where Quitline can help.

With over 20 years of experience helping people quit, our trained counsellors are there to encourage and support you and have heaps of tips to share with you. In fact, we can double your chances of making a successful quit attempt.

My QuitBuddy and other free quitting apps

Download a free quitting app, like My QuitBuddy.

They have practical tips and advice on quitting, with fun exercises and games to keep your hands busy and distract you when you feel the urge to light up.


QuitCoach is an online program to help you quit smoking. It provides you with a personalised quit plan which is based on your responses to questions about your motivation, confidence and past attempts. Access QuitCoach here.


QuitTxt sends you several SMS messages each day. They’re designed to help you prepare to quit, maintain your motivation and help you stay on track after you quit. Access QuitTxt here.

Health Professionals

Your doctor can give you advice, including about nicotine replacement therapy or quitting medication. Quitting medications – Champix and Zyban – are only available on prescription. You can get nicotine patches, gum or lozenges cheaper if you have a prescription. Your pharmacist or counsellor are also great people to talk to.