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Quit Tasmania Guidelines for Developing a Smoke-Free Worksite Policy

How to address smoking in your workplace

Workplaces are well placed to encourage and support smoking staff and clients to quit smoking.

Quit Tasmania's Guidelines For Developing A Smoke-Free Worksite Policy provides step by step instructions on how to develop and implement smoke free policies and practises.

Organisations with smoke free policies actively support smoking staff to consider quitting and protect non smokers from the potential damage of exposure to second hand tobacco smoke in the workplace.

A community service organisation tool kit is being developed to assist community workers positively engage with clients and encourage conversations about quitting.

Protect your workers, clients and your business.

Download the Guidelines for Developing a Smoke-Free Worksite Policy by clicking the Resource link below or call Quit Tasmania on (03) 6169 1943 for a free copy.

For further information about smoke free policies please access the Web link to the Going smoke free: Your workplace kit.