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Mental Illness

While the prevalence of smoking is declining in Australia, it remains high among people with mental illness.  People with mental illness have higher smoking rates, higher levels of nicotine dependence and a disproportionate health and financial burden from smoking.  They are more likely to die from their smoking than from their mental illness.

Smokers who experience mental illness are as motivated as the general population to quit. Integrating smoking cessation into routine mental health care and providing intensive support of longer duration all contribute to successful quitting outcomes.

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How Quit Tasmania can help you support your clients who would like to make a quit attempt:


Refer your client to the Quitline; our trained friendly counsellors have lots of tips and strategies to help people on their quitting journey. Click here for the Referral Form.

If your client would like to speak to an Aboriginal Quitline counsellor we can accommodate this. Please add that request in the Notes section of the Referral Form.

Evidence shows that people are more likely to engage with Quitline if they are referred by a third party.

Book a training session

Supporting People to Stop Smoking training session.

Book a free 3 hour ‘Supporting People to Stop Smoking’ training session for your community service organisation. The session will provide staff with the skills and knowledge to support people who want to make a quit attempt.

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SANE Australia

The Australian Government’s National Tobacco Campaign, in partnership with SANE Australia, has developed a number of smoking cessation resources for people experiencing mental ill health and for people and professionals who are supporting them.

 National Tobacco Campaign – Mental Health and Quitting

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Talk to Quitline Tasmania (13 7848)

Experienced counsellors provide free support and advice at any stage of the quitting journey.

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Includes all the information required to plan and prepare for quitting.

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