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Smoking & Pregnancy

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Tobacco smoking during pregnancy is the most common preventable risk factor for pregnancy complications. There is no safe level of smoking in pregnancy.  Pregnancy is an opportunity for health professionals to help smokers, and their partners, to quit.

The Safer Baby Bundle has information on supporting women to quit during pregnancy. Click here for the link.

Brief Advice from a health professional is a major external trigger in prompting someone who smokes to make a quit attempt.

A 3-step brief advice model, connecting women to evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment, has been developed for service providers:

How can Quitline support your patient / client who is pregnant?

Behavioural support is first line treatment for women who are pregnant and smoke.  Quitline counsellors have specific training to help people who are pregnant to quit smoking and they can support your patient / client through their pregnancy and after the birth. They also support partners and family to make a quit attempt.

Quitline supports people by providing:

  • culturally appropriate assistance with smoking cessation, tailored to individual needs
  • information on quitting methods and planning a quit attempt
  • strategies for coping with withdrawals/cravings and getting through difficult situations
  • tips for managing stress and weight gain
  • information on nicotine replacement therapy, if needed
  • call-back service

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More information and resources

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Online QuitCoach and free Apps: Click here.

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