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Smoking & Pregnancy

Quitline counsellors have specific training to help people who are pregnant to quit smoking.  You can refer your client via the referral link below or your client can access the free Quitline service on 13 7848

A call-back service is available for people who want ongoing support during their quitting journey. These will be scheduled after the first call.

Pregnant women are more likely to quit successfully if they have a partner who also quits or is a non-smoker. Partners are also able to access the Quitline for support and advice with quitting. 

When referring clients by fax, please ensure that the client has signed the fax referral form giving Quitline permission to initiate the first call.

Referrals can be faxed to Quitline (TAS).

Resources & Information Sheets

There are  resources available which discuss smoking during pregnancy and the quitting process as well as resources to support your client through their quitting journey.

For information on smoking and SIDS/SUDI  Click here

Online QuitCoach and free Apps: Click here.

Stuff You Can Do


Talk to Quitline Tasmania (13 7848)

Experienced counsellors provide free support and advice at any stage of the quitting journey.

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Includes all the information required to plan and prepare for quitting.

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What are the 3 aspects of smoking?

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