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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Quit for Good.

The Real Stories campaign was developed by Quit Tasmania, our first ever Tasmanian-designed media campaign. The campaign has been created to communicate a quit smoking message directly to smokers and features real people who have quit themselves, not actors. These people share their personal stories to encourage and inspire others to follow their lead and quit smoking for good.

Click on each person's name below to find out more about their personal quitting story.

Have you got a story that you would like to share? Click here.

Campaign aim

  • To encourage and motivate people to quit by demonstrating, through real stories from past smokers, that quitting is possible.
  • To promote quitting as a journey, the campaign provides an insight from the perspective of smokers who have quit.


Campaign objectives

  • Increase smokers’ self confidence and motivation to quit smoking.
  • Highlight the practical every day benefits of quitting.
  • Encourage those who are currently thinking about quitting to make a quit attempt.
  • Promote Quitline as the primary source of information and support.

Key messages

  • Quit for Good. Quit smoking permanently.
  • Quit smoking for the personal benefits; to improve your health, fitness and finances.
  • Quit smoking for others; family, friends and the community. 


Want to quit smoking?

An important part of any quit attempt is access to information and support, which is available through the Quitline telephone support service or by talking to your GP or Pharmacist.

The Quitline is a free confidential and non-judgmental service run by specially-trained people. Quitline counsellors know how difficult it can be for smokers to quit for good, and that it may take several attempts to be successful.

Quitline counsellors provide information on all aspects of giving up smoking as well as free self-help materials. Quitline also offers a free telephone call-back support service to help smokers through the quitting process.


To order a FREE self help Quit Pack

Call the Quitline on 13 QUIT (13 7848)

SMS your name and address to 0408 264 664

or click here >