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Sunday, April 6, 2014

"I'm sorry, you have cancer of the lung".

What could be worse than hearing
​this from your doctor?

...saying it to your children.

The What’s Worse campaign was developed by the Department of Health in the United Kingdom and was adapted by the Cancer Institute NSW for use in Australia.

This campaign focuses on the difficult situation of a mother communicating the realities of her illness to her young children. It emphasises the real health consequences of smoking and how it affects not only the smoker, but their family as well.

Through this campaign, smokers are encouraged to stop smoking and Quit for good.

Your smoking is not just about you.

Want to quit smoking?

An important part of any quit attempt is access to information and support, which is available through the Quitline telephone support service or by talking to your GP or Pharmacist.

The Quitline is a free confidential and non-judgmental service run by specially-trained people. Quitline counsellors know how difficult it can be for smokers to quit for good, and that it may take several attempts to be successful.

Quitline counsellors provide information on all aspects of giving up smoking as well as free self-help materials. Quitline also offers a free telephone call-back support service to help smokers through the quitting process.

To order a FREE self help Quit Pack

Call the Quitline on 13 QUIT (13 7848)

SMS your name and address to 0408 264 664

or click here >