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This page provides resources for health professionals and the general public on smoking related topics and issues. If  you are looking for something in particular and it is not on this page, please contact us.

The Quit book

Quit because you can - An essential guide to quitting smoking

What I can do to stop smoking

What I can do to stop smoking

Quitting options

Quitting options

Quitline Referral Form

Quitline (TAS) Referral Form

Resource request form for individuals (smokers)

Resource Request Form

Quitting smoking - the first few days

Quitting Smoking - The first few days

Community Worker Toolkit support sheets

'Get Ready!' Support sheet

'Get Set!' Support sheet

'Go!' Support sheet

'Keep Going!' Support sheet

Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking and pregnancy

Fathers who smoke

ETS and kids

Mental illness

Smoke Free Life

Supporter Fact Sheet

Health Professional Fact Sheet

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Medicines to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples stop smoking

Medicines to help you stop smoking booklet

Tobacco in Australia

Tobacco in Australia: Facts and Issues

Smoke free areas - the law

Smoke Free Areas - The Law


Smoke free workplace kit

Youth resources

Facts about smoking

The effects of smoking on the body

Effects of cigarette smoking on being active

What's in a cigarette?

Second hand smoke

Smoking and the media

Tobacco and the environment

Tobacco and the law in Australia

Clearing the Air - Talking with young people about smoking


A do-it-yourself guide to quitting cannabis