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Quitting smoking is the best single thing you can do for your health and your overall quality of life. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded.

Many smokers who are quitting will say that being off cigarettes is a reward in itself. But more concrete rewards can also help you feel better about the hard work you’re putting in and keep you motivated through a bad patch.

Each day that you stay smokefree is a victory and testament to your strength, motivation, determination and commitment to your health and your future.

Work out how much you’re saving and put this in a jar where you can see it or even open a new bank account for a holiday fund or something else you really want.

If you’ve never quit for more than a week, celebrate that milestone by buying something with the money you’ve saved. Keep doing this for milestones that are meaningful to you.

If you celebrate your smaller victories early on, you’re more likely to achieve the bigger victory of being a permanently healthier, happier and wealthier non-smoker.