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Richard’s story

Richard’s story 1

I thought I would never give up

Richard used to think of something negative about smoking to help with overcoming cravings.

I thought I’d never quit, until one day I saw a friend, who smoked like a train, and he told me that he’d quit. WTF! He quit! Well, if he can do it, so can I.

This was my fifth attempt at quitting. But this time, I planned it like a military operation. I knew I needed help, so thanks to Quitline and my GP, along with using lozenges, patches AND having a plan, I got through it.

Also, I created a negative anchor – something to think about that turned me off smoking. Like when you drag on a cigarette, think of something that made you sick in the past, attach that feeling to smoking…it helped me.

Now my sister is quitting, and I’m helping her.

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