Success stories

Gotta be ready. I said “yep, let’s do it” – Christine’s story*

May, 2020 – listen to Christine’s recent radio interview!

Christine is 33, married with kids and a proud successful quitter.

Seeing her mum struggle with emphysema was Christine’s motivation to quit. She was scared for her mum and what her own life would be like if she kept smoking. Her mum had a health scare and ‘seeing her more or less lifeless, no energy scared the crap out of me’

Christine used to smoke 12-15 a day, spending around $46 for a pack of 40’s.

According to the My QuitBuddy app, which Christine is using to follow her quit progress, she had been smoke-free for 130 days, 2 hours and 58 minutes when we had a chat with her. She had saved thousands of dollars, avoided a lot of tar in her lungs and has a lapse free status . She looks at the app all the time on her phone to remind herself of why she no longer smokes. She also used the games on it to distract herself from cravings. Checking her status and doing the games became her new habit. It convinced her what she was doing was working. In one of their conversations, Wendy, a Quitline counsellor, had told her how to use the app and all the things she could do on it to help with her quitting.

Here are some other things Christine wanted to share:
• Wouldn’t have given up now if the doctor hadn’t given me the referral
• You can only do it when you’re ready and I said ‘yep, let’s do it’
• Got to be in the mindset, gotta be ready. I’ve always wanted to.
• I thought it (Quitline) was for when you’d already slipped up, didn’t realise it was ongoing
• Great support. Don’t know how they put up with me
• I started looking forward to the message reminders
• Knowing if you slip up you’re not going to be judged. You will be supported through that
• I’d always had a smoke with an energy drink. Energy drinks and smokes just went together. Took me a whole day to think about, to work out not to do them together. I had to cut them down so they weren’t a trigger
• Trigger is old memories such as what I did after shopping – I’d have a smoke. Now I have to wait for my husband too and it’s such a waste of time
• Don’t realise how different your smell is – I’m gagging on petrol now. It smacks you in the face
• My hands don’t smell any more
• Helps to be around someone who doesn’t smoke
• Not coughing my guts up every night. I can lay there without coughing. No horrible taste in my mouth. I have smell and taste now – different to what it was
• My husband sill smokes – he stinks!
• Yep, I’ve told everyone about Quit. It worked. They give you great support

“I feel good about it – you’re stronger than you think you are” – Maree’s story*

September, 2019

Success stories 2

Maree is 58 and had been a smoker for 40 years before she quit 9 weeks ago.

Maree never felt great about smoking and had wanted to quit many times. With a granddaughter on the way, she couldn’t bear the thought of a baby smelling the smoke and nicotine and decided this was the time.

She timed quitting with a trip away to remove herself from normal routines.

Maree has found so many good things about no longer being a smoker. She didn’t realise how many things were caused by smoking!

She can smell so much better now and can’t believe how bad smokers smell, never realised that she must have smelt too.
Her headaches have gone and her teeth are less sensitive

“I feel good about it – you’re stronger than what you think you are. I feel better about myself when I do beat the cravings and wake up so happy I did. I don’t want to feel regret the next day. “

“Got to keep trying, might not get it the first try.”

“Wendy, my counsellor, I couldn’t have done it without her. She always said you’ll get cravings but it will only last 15-20 minutes. So I get busy with something else and your mind slips onto something else.”

“Quitline counsellors are great, especially if you don’t have any other support. There is somebody there who wants you to quit and to just get a ‘well done’ is so great.”

Quit for the kids – Lauren did*

May, 2019

The newest Quit ad, you know the one, with the man coughing his lungs up then at the end shows splattered blood, lung cancer. My daughter and I were sitting down watching a movie, this ad came on and unfortunately she was completely glued to it. At the end she asked me “will this be you one day Mummy?” She is 5. I did it for her, they are worth it. They deserve to know that we are doing whatever we can to live long and healthy lives, to our best ability. If doing it for yourself isn’t enough, do it for the ones that love us, the ones that rely on us.

Quitting is “knot” easy – Kim’s story*

August, 2018

When I first migrated to Australia in 1973, I could not speak English well. I think I took up smoking mainly for company, smoking was a friend. Smoking started to overtake my life, I remember having to cut back on groceries just to buy cigarettes. This was not good I thought to myself.

I tried a number of times to quit smoking over my 36 years of smoking, but without success.

I was looking for something to do with my hands so that I couldn’t smoke. I was always interested in the ancient art of knotting, which I first became aware of when I was 10 years old growing up in Vietnam. I learned more about knotting when I lived in Korea for two years where I was taught the traditional maedeup knotting at the Dong Lim Museum in Seoul. I would practice all day, making things such as bracelets, necklaces and keyrings…all without smoking because my hands and mind were kept busy.

I now sell my knotting work at various markets throughout Tasmania and have also sold around Australia.

I put out my last cigarette and quit for good on New Year’s Eve 31 December 2009.

Giving up smoking was one of the hardest things I have done, but it has also been the most rewarding. 

“I thought I would never give up” – Richard’s story*

February, 2019

I’m just about to reach my second anniversary of being smoke free.
I thought I’d never quit, until one day I saw a friend, who smoked like a train, and he told me that he’d quit. WTF! He quit! Well, if he can do it, so can I.
This was my fifth attempt at quitting. But this time, I planned it like a military operation. I knew I needed help, so thanks to Quitline and my GP, along with using lozenges, patches AND having a plan, I got through it.
Also, I created a negative anchor – something to think about that turned me off smoking. Like when you drag on a cigarette, think of something that made you sick in the past, attach that feeling to smoking…it helped me.
Now my sister is quitting, and I’m helping her.

“If I can do it, anyone can” – Karren’s story*

May, 2017

I am ‘living proof’ that ANYBODY can give up smoking!

I’m now 41 and I started smoking when I was 15 with my girlfriend from school. Her Dad had passed away. We were already secretly smoking but we decided to ask our parents if we could and to our surprise they said yes…we were shocked, but there was a catch….we had to sit in front of them and smoke one each, our parents made fun of us (of course, to try and make us feel guilty). A packet would last me a month, pretty good I thought at the time. Well over time my habit got worse, I became a heavy smoker. And by heavy I was up to (are you ready for this?) 150 cigarettes A DAY, yes 150! In 2010 I became sick with thyroid issues and required surgery to have it removed. My Doctor said he would prefer it if I gave up cigarettes or at least cut back! So I thought hmmmm ok I’ll try to give up! knowing I had FAILED 3 times in the past already. So I called the Quitline, which I found very helpful, but I also went to see the Doctor and he gave me a script for Champix. Within 2 weeks I was down to 50 cigarettes a day, then by the third week I couldn’t smoke a full cigarette! I continued to find other things to do with my hands, which is what the Quitline told me to try. So I did latch-hook and maybe something a little naughty, I chewed on lollipops, but I am proud to say I have NOT HAD A CIGARETTE since July 2010…… So, if I can do it after smoking 150 a day to 0… ANYBODY CAN DO IT.
I work in a supermarket and have mentioned my story to customers who buy cigarettes and four people have come back to tell me they have also given up smoking.


*Results may vary from person to person.