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Keith’s story*

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I presently do not enjoy great health and have attempted to quit on several occasions before. I’m 51, out of the workforce (by choice) and life overall is pretty good. Some time ago I noticed an ad on facebook about hypnotherapy aimed at assisting people to quit smoking.

Hmmm, I thought, only moderately interested at this time, and not flooded with confidence nor trust in this kind of method (yeah, healthily sceptical, eh?).

I thought I would give it a try anyway. Let me tell you, my confidence was not high, but I attended, handed over my money – and participated. Well, initial findings did not support nor strengthen my resolve in hypnotherapy – a seemingly US style merchandising setup, slick welcome presentation, even the lady who sat next to me mentioned that this was her 3rd session with a hypnotherapist to quit – all not very encouraging.

So, when all had arrived, it began – lights were dimmed, soothing sounds of gentle ‘surf’ gently relaxed the senses, it wasn’t all ‘close your eyes and listen to me’, but close (no swinging pocket watches).

The presenter talked, we listened and (for me) the message stuck – maybe I was ready to quit and open to suggestion – who knows – maybe it was listening to the sound of the ‘wet’ smokers cough (yuck!!) circling the room during breaks... all I do know is that the presenter said ‘you will leave here a non-smoker’, ‘you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms’, ‘you will not have any cravings for cigarettes’ – sounds simple, but it somehow worked.

I left there on 2 November 2012 and have not missed nor wanted a cigarette since. I’ve have been to the pub with mates, had ‘poker nights’, socialised, encountered people having a cigarette in the street – and nothing!! I have passed these ‘litmus’ tests and received nothing but support (positive validating encouragement) from my peers. And I feel so much better for quitting.

I can honestly now say “I am a non-smoker”.

* Results may vary from person to person